Maggie Anne Gillette, Actor

Maggie Anne Gillette is a New York and Connecticut-based actor. She is also a proud alumna of the Ithaca College BFA Acting program!


As a small-town native and classy country bumpkin of Woodbury, Connecticut,

Maggie was constantly surrounded by nature, farms, and loved taking naps with baby calves at local fairs. 


Her earliest memories of the theatre were Broadway's  A Year with Frog and Toad and Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby.  After this, little Maggie pressed her parents to enroll her in dance classes. Due to these events, Maggie was thrust into community theatre and her school performances, propelling her to pursue acting and the performing arts as a career.


When Maggie is not performing, she enjoys watercolor painting, whipping up new baking creations, and fake sneezing and chicken clucking at random! She is also a hardcore Hufflepuff, Pisces, lover of cold weather, and can eat bags of Cheetos on end.



Woman's Honor

A part of the Metropolitan’s Playhouse fall season, Maggie played The Cheated One in one of Susan Glaspell's iconic plays. It was performed on Zoom and followed by a talkback with J. Ellen Gainor; longtime leader in the International Susan Glaspell Society and Professor of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University. 

The Legend of Lost Warwick

Maggie was a part of The Legend of Lost Warwick, a new take on Renaissance Festivals in an online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing the joy to loving faire goers online, it was one of the first Renaissance Festivals to produce one.

Check out the series on CrowdCast.

Camp Spring Falcon

Working with a select group of Ithaca College students and alumni, Maggie was a part of "A Play in a Day," an event hosted by Honestly Speaking Inc. The "zoomsical" was written and performed within 24 hours for an audience and was an absolute blast!

Check it out above on Maggie's videos tab.


What's all the

As Olivia in Twelfth Night, “Maggie Gillette is perfect as the elegant aristocrat who disdains the Count but increasingly throws herself at his courtier. Gillette's shifting demeanor is nicely nuanced, a reminder that comic action need not be overplayed to be effective."

- Barbara Adams, The Ithaca Times

Hear Ye!


In her performance of Seussical the Musical, "Maggie Gillette shined as his pinning next-door neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz and was lovely in her lovesick and hopeful songs. Ms. Gillette's goofy, hipster sensibility (loved the Ukulele!) paired well with Mr. Newey's oblivious, but loving pachyderm."

- Joseph Harrison, Broadway World Connecticut

Maggie Anne Gillette, Actor
Maggie Anne Gillette, Actor